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Unlike flying by aeroplane or on public transport, travelling by coach allows you to bring a fairly large quantity of luggage on board for free and with no extra hassle. Whether you’re carrying large amounts of equipment, or are travelling with a large amount of passengers, it’s always useful to know there is a large capacity for extra luggage.

However, it’s important to recognise that space is not unlimited and it’s the responsibility of each passenger to ensure their baggage loads abide to the guidelines. Knowing the general rules of regulation about different coach companies will help you avoid unnecessary issues before departure. It also allows you to enjoy a worry and hassle free coach journey.

The general rule of thumb is outlined below as guidance only – it is however at the passenger’s responsibility to make sure they have adequate space for luggage.

16 Seater 24 Seater 49 Seater 72 Seater
No Luggage 16 pax 24 pax 49 pax 72 pax
Hand Luggage 14 pax 22 pax 49 pax 72 pax
Case per Passenger 12 pax 18 pax 40 pax 66 pax
Golf Clubs/Skis 8 pax 16 pax 32 pax 60 pax

Items that are forbidden on board our coaches include:

Weapons, bombs, drugs, frozen food, pets (except for assistance dogs), gas cylinders, combustible liquids and solids, toxic articles, radioactive materials, raw meat products, dangerous substances that contain bacteria and viruses, acids, alkalis, wet-cell batteries and any kind of items that may pose a threat to passengers’ health or are incompatible with the coach. In addition, you are allowed to keep your cigarettes with you, but smoking on board or in the restroom is not permitted.

Please note, it is up to individual passengers to ensure their adequate luggage capacity it achieved. Larger vehicles and luggage vehicles can be considered if needed. If you have any questions or are unsure on what to do next, please get in touch with a member of our team today on 0330 088 0969 to discuss your options.

Alternatively, email for further information.

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