Top 5 things to do in London

Each year, a record number of tourists visit London; the third largest city in Europe. With so many incredible sights to see and things to do, we believe hiring a coach is the perfect way to get around and see everything without the added hassle of using public transport.

If you decide to take a coach trip to the buzzing capital, we guarantee a fantastic experience for everyone. Given that London is one of the busiest, yet most vibrant places on Earth, there is always a reason to visit the busiest place in the UK. Whether it be with friends, family or simply visiting for a special occasion, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Millions of tourists flock to London each year, so there’s no doubt you may find the hardest part of your London visit is deciding what to see and do. However, if you plan on visiting London to see a show at the theatre, or to try out one London’s latest restaurant openings, we guarantee a fantastic time will be had.

London has five major airports: London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton and London Stansted that can be access simply via coach travel. Not to mention great transport links, so you’re in the best place to continue your journey if you need to.

If you’re arriving in London, get more information from Coach Hire Plus to help get you to your next destination with no parking and congestion charges to worry about.

Go on the London Eye

Step off the coach and fly into the skyline on the London Eye. Formally known as the ‘Millenium Wheel’, the iconic experience takes around 30 minutes full circle and is labelled as one of the memorable attractions in the city. Jump off at Waterloo station follow the signs for easy access to the attraction. Construction on this epic attraction started in 1998 and prices start from as little as £22.95 per person. Fast track and student tickets are also available.

With the London Eye withstanding more than 3.5 million visitors each year, and with numbers continuing to grow, it’s labelled as the most popular paid tourist attraction in the U.K. The most popular free attraction is the British Museum, which sees more than 6 million visitors each year.

To save yourself oodles of cash, pre-book your tickets online for the best savings. If you are travelling with a group of children or want to see the sights with a large group of friends and family, simply relax and enjoy an unparalleled 360 degree perspective of central London from 404 feet high. Opening times and further information can be found on the London Eye website.

Visit the green spaces

Escape the bustling city life, breathe in the fresh air and stretch your legs as you walk around more than 5000+ acres of greenery in one of London’s eight parks. From stunning boating lakes, to epic grand gardens and kids’ playgrounds, we recommend visiting the parks as you find your escape from your everyday routine.

The world famous Hyde Park is located in the heart of London and is renowned for world-class music events and concerts, together with plenty of quiet places to relax and unwind. Richmond Park, is better known as the largest of London’s eight parks is a National Nature Reserve, and has a protected status for important habitat for wildlife.

The popular Greenwich Park is usually full of people wishing to enjoy the scenery. Located on a hill overlooking the River Thames, Greenwich Park is a great mix of green space, gardens and historical features. We highly recommend visiting here if you get time!

We guarantee a wonderful time when exploring what the parks have to offer. More information on the Royal Parks of London and where they are located can be found here.

Visit the local attractions

It’s hard to summarise London’s main attractions as there are so many incredible landmarks and sights to see. Don’t be surprised to see dozens of tourists walking around with their cameras, snapping away at the buildings and monuments at any given chance.

The most iconic tourist trap being Big Ben, which is arguably London’s most famous landmark to the Tower of London which to this day, still homes six ravens under Charles II’s orders for superstitious reasons.

There’s no denying there is something new to see on every street corner. Just remember to actually look up at the sights and not stare at your phone all day.

If you are planning on seeing London’s famous destinations, remember to take a map with you and ask your coach guide for further information on what to see and do if you’re not sure where to begin.

Pop in and see a show

Theatre productions run at all times of the day in London which is one of the reasons why it’s such a popular place to visit. From the biggest, loudest productions right down to the small afternoon hideaway shows, London is teeming with musicals, plays and dramas suited to every taste.

With an influx of world famous shows happening each year, we believe seeing a theatre production in London is one of the best things you can possibly do whilst here. From visiting the famous Royal Opera House, to The Old Vic theatre – how do you decide what to see and where?

We advise to look online before making your trip to London to pre-book any tickets months in advance. Keep an eye on the shows online and sign up to any newsletter you might find relevant. Shows tend to sell out quickly so don’t hesitate to book your tickets.

Head over to London Theatre Guide – the oldest and first dedicated website which offers theatre promotions and information at the click of a button

Eat at a local restaurant

One of the hardest questions to answer, it might as well be a riddle. Where is the best place to eat in London? It entirely depends on your food preference and whether you have any dietary requirements, or where abouts in London you are visiting. Remember, it’s actually a huge place!

With new eateries popping up every month left, right and centre, London is full to the brim of restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, patisseries, afternoon tea pit stops and more. You only have to walk 100 metres down the right to find a new place you may not have seen before or a restaurant you have never heard of. With the hottest and best restaurants revealed on Tripadvisor and Time Out London, the first thing to do is find out what type of food you prefer to eat on that day. If you are with a large group, it’s best to find out what people can actually eat and go from there. This will help you narrow your searches down and you are likely to find the best places closest to your current destination.

If you’re on a budget; whether you need vegan or vegetarian food; or gluten free meals, you will be spoilt for choice when dining in London. Just remember to tip your waiter, afterwards!

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