An uncertain future of a “No deal” Brexit could affect everything from coach travel to buying food…


With current fears of a ‘no deal’ Brexit hovering like a black cloud, thousands of flights, transport methods and coaches travelling to the UK could be halted or disrupted next year, causing complete chaos around the country.

The current thought on everyone’s mind – ‘how will this affect transport next year?’ With a midst of uncertainty rippling throughout the UK, Brexit will cause problems for both UK travellers and those wishing to visiting.

Not only are costs of visas set to rise, but a latest government report also suggests buses and coach operators could lose the right to travel to countries in the EU.

The latest pile of “no-deal” papers make it clear that coaches and buses operating regular routes between Britain and the EU could be brought to a halt upon Brexit day. If a deal isn’t agreed upon by the March 2019 deadline, this non-agreement could hinder all journeys between the UK and EU, therefore putting all transport on hold.

With this in mind, Coach Hire Plus will do all it can to continue normal transport methods.

Regardless of these threats, the government is advising all UK operators to consider alternative options to allow travel between EU providers to prevent adding to travel congestion.

Also within the appointed brexit negotiations lies fear of invalid aviation licenses. Ultimately, this would mean seeking permission to fly between each state, further affecting flights travelling from the US to Europe while connecting through the UK. A current rule allows UK citizens to enter EU countries with a valid passport, not entirely dependant on the time left on it.

Following a no-deal, this could change to imitate other countries such as China, which means at least six months must be left on a passport to be allowed to enter the country.

With hope of a complete turnaround, Coach Hire Plus continues to serve passengers to the best of our ability, enabling each customer to enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable coach hire service.

For all passengers looking to book coach travel for next year, we advise to get in touch with your travel provider or Coach Hire Plus as soon as possible for all latest updates.

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